People is what it is all about

The core of our business is the knowledge and competence among our crew. Our officers have an average of more than 20 years of experience from offshore operations, much of it from harsh environment and ice.

But we know that we cannot rest, and therefore our ambition is to invest in our people, whether on land or at sea.Viking Supply Ships’ focus is on the Northern hemisphere. Although cold, often dark and with high seas, being part of our company takes you to some of the most beautiful places on earth. Operating in pristine areas, we use several tools to prepare for our operations. Being thousands of nautical miles from nearest port means that spare parts can be hard to find, a service mechanic is often not an option. Out there you need to know that you can trust your colleague, because cooperation is the only way. The solution is not always straight out of the box, but with more than 40 years’ experience we have gotten used to think out of the box from time to time. In the office, we have engineers, mechanics and commercial positions, all with the same goal; to support our crew in getting their job done. With the help of training programmes, simulators and hours and days of planning we get ready for complex marine operations at remote locations, where ice, blistering cold and high seas will be a constant challenge. It is not for everybody, but ask our crew and many will say it’s addicting. 


Working at sea means that one day is seldom equal to the previous. In 2010, the crew of Tor Viking rescued the freight ship Golden Seas offshore Alaska, preventing loss of lives, vessel and damage to the environment.

Sharing experience is one of the keys to our success. Even though now retired, several of our most experienced Captains and officers continue to work with us. For us it means everything that their knowledge is passed on to the next generations of seafarers.

Working in Viking Supply Ships means that you will have worldwide opportunities. Our vessels sail globally, including regions such as Alaska, the North Sea, and the Barents Sea with offices in Norway and Sweden.



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