Health, Safety, Enviromental & Quality.

Incident and Injury Free workplace

Viking Supply Ship’s vision is an Incident and Injury Free workplace, with no harm to people and no damage to the environment.

We strive to achieve best possible solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations and provide them with greater value. Viking Supply Ship will perform its operations and services in such a way that the impact on the environment is as low as reasonably practicable and that all international and national environmental laws are adhered to. Viking Supply Ship will implement continuous improvements to its vessels and operations which will reduce environmental impact each year. All our employees have the responsibility of safely performing their assignments in accordance to company guidelines and highest safety and environmental standard. Continuously, we shall through exercises increase the skill and readiness for normal shipboard operations and different emergency situations, for every personnel based onboard as well as on shore. Our objective is to create a work environment without accidents, and customer relations with highest level of quality, by adhering to following principles


Operating in pristine areas such as the Arctic means that we must be prepared for the challenges we will meet. Read more on how we prepare our crew for the task here. 

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Fuel consumption

At Viking Supply Ships, we strive to minimize the fuel consumption onboard our vessels. Here you can learn more about how we focus on improvements for the benefit of the environment.

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Minimize footprint

We acknowledge that we operate in areas with rich animal life and we focus on minimizing the footprint we leave behind. Read more on how we achieve that here. 

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  • Zero accidents, environmental or material damage
  • Compliance with all applicable HSE legislation
  • Healthy working conditions
  • Clear, tangible targets
  • Require every employee to take personal responsibility for HSE by focusing on own behavior.
  • Innovation and development alongside with our customers.


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