Health, Safety, Enviromental & Quality.

Incident and Injury Free workplace

Viking Supply Ships is committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment with minimal impact on the environment.

We strive to deliver sutstainable quality services that consistently meet our customers' requirements and exceed their expectations. By planning, organising and assessing our activities, we shall ensure that all risks and hazards are identified and reduced to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable.

By engaging with stakeholders, customers and employees, we will reduce the environmental footprint in our operations and services wherever we operate, and in accordance with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Our objective is to create an incident and injury free work environment and high-level customer relations, by adhering to the Company HSEQ principles defined in the HSEQ Policy.

We are aware of that our operations will have an environmental impact, but are working consistently every day to improve performance and reduce our environmental footprint. Sustainability is well integrated in our operations and throughout our business. All activities and services shall be performed in a secure, efficient and responsible manner for the long-term benefit of shareholder, the environment and the society.

Health & Safety Management

We promote safe & healthy working conditions and a working culture which empowers all personnel to actively consult and participate in the Company HSEQ processes.

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Environmental Management

Investments are made, and a substantial effort is done, in evaluating solutions to further optimize energy efficiency in the fleet and improve our operational processes.

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Quality Management

We strive to deliver sustainable quality services that consistently meet our customers’ requirements and exceed their expectations.                                                       

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  • Zero accidents, environmental or material damage
  • Compliance with all applicable HSE legislation
  • Healthy working conditions
  • Clear, tangible targets
  • Require every employee to take personal responsibility for HSE by focusing on own behavior.
  • Innovation and development alongside with our customers.

Accreditations, Certifications & Memberships

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