Ice Management.

Total solutions for Arctic offshore

Our subsidiary Viking Ice Consultancy deliver total logistical solutions based on a proved track record from Arctic operations.

Viking Ice Consultancy was established in 2015. Our history with Arctic operations however, goes far back in time. As part of the Viking Supply group, we have a proven track record within Arctic offshore operations, both as ship operators and providers of ice-management and logistical solutions. Our advisors are all experienced captains and officers with long experience from ice-breaking and offshore operations in Arctic regions. Viking Ice Consultancy is a turn-key provider, which means we can choose the partners and suppliers that gives the optimal solution for each project we are involved in. Read more about the sevices delivered by Viking Ice Consultancy in their website. 

Viking Ice Consultancy

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Long experience producing all kind of project documentation to ensure operations integrity as Ice management plans, Ice Defense Operational Manuals, Check lists, Risk Assessments, SMS systems, Project execution plans and Towing/AH procedures.

To make sure the protected area is not at risk we use drones, helicopters, fixed wings and ice-berg tracking to survey the proximity. This way we can initiate the proper action to keep ice away from the protected unit.

Tested , reliable and cost effective communication solutions is of outmost importance to maintain operations safety transferring important data. We provide communication systems in remote areas with seamless coverage.

Based on our experience a Common Operational Picture Display system is crucial to obtain a safe and effective operation in remote areas. It is decicive that everyone sees the same picture in real-time, something we obtain by integration of information and messages in one system for both offshore and onshore units.

As a turn-key provider Viking Ice Consultancy can choose the optimal solutions for each project

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