Our vision is to be the preferred partner in polar and harsh environments, delivering safe, effective and sustainable operations by combining our expertise with tailored vessels.

Sustainability is key to our strategy, with focus areas that cover both the environmental and social dimensions:

  • minimize our climate and environmental footprint through more energy efficient operations.
  • improve the safety, well-being and working conditions for our personnel
  • support personal development of our personnel regardless of gender and background.

As a responsible shipowner, we set high ethical standards for how we conduct our business. We expect all our employees and partners to act in a sustainable, safe, open and transparent manner. This strategy is at its core aligned with our goal of making a positive contribution toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Viking Supply Ships’ sustainability reporting is the company’s key means for disclosing information about sustainability and ESG-related risks, opportunities and governance. For further information, see the Group’s Sustainability Report here.


Environmental Impact Management

Viking Supply Ships’ operations represent significant energy consumption, which contribute to climate gas emissions. Our operations also involve other environmental risks, including potential pollution of air, land and sea. However, various control measures are in place to reduce the risks and negative impacts on the environment. This includes a certified ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management system, environmental risk management for all company activities, and adherence to industry best practices with respect to working methods and training of personnel.

Our HSEQ Policy guides our efforts to deliver operations and services in such a way that the impact on the environment is as low as reasonably practicable and in compliance with applicable environmental rules and regulations. 

Everyone working for or on behalf of Viking Supply Ships strives for the best working practices possible to prevent harm to the environment and to continuously seek more energy efficient and environmentally sound practices.

All vessels in the fleet have a DNV Clean Design Class notation. This environmental class notation involves special requirements for the vessel’s design and operations with the aim of reducing the environmental impact from air emissions, sea discharges and accidental hull damages. The design covers systems for preventing accidents and limiting their consequences, including fuel tank protection from grounding damage; handling of cargo, sewage, bilge, garbage, ballast water and fuel oil; environmentally friendly antifouling; combustion machinery emissions; use of refrigerants; and inventory of hazardous materials for crew awareness and recycling of the ship.

Fuel efficiency and GHG emissions management

Viking Supply Ships remains committed to minimizing the impact of our activities in the areas we operate. For several years, we have had strong focus on increasing fuel efficiency and decreasing climate gas emissions.

Our fleet includes two hybrid PSVs (LNG and battery operation), and we invest in technical solutions and have procedures in place for operating and managing the fleet in an environmentally sound and fuel-efficient manner. Vessels sail at an optimal speed to ensure that the company’s and clients’ needs are met in the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient manner. Fuel reduction is monitored through sophisticated software.

We report our fuel figures and other environmental performance indicators through required and voluntary reporting schemes for the industry. We are committed to relevant parts of the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) targets and requirements to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, and to operate in line with the globally agreed goals for climate action set out in the Paris Agreement. We are aligned with the strategy of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association of net zero by 2050 and are working to set specific goals and targets to reach this ambition, at least at the same level as other comparable companies.  

Our various green projects are part of our strategic approach to prepare for the maritime sector’s transition. We are also paying close attention to regulatory developments affecting our industry, including decarbonization requirements and carbon pricing. 

Green innovation

The company’s long-term strategy company is to reduce GHG emissions from the existing fleet.

Viking Supply Ships has made considerable investments in in various projects aimed at contributing to reduced fuel consumption. We have also been at the forefront in several areas through feasibility studies on options for modifying the existing fleet to either further reduce fuel consumption or utilize alternative fuel solutions. We have collaborated with and been funded by ENOVA and the Green Shipping Programme (GSP). Green logistics projects also include fuel monitoring and electricity installations on offshore vessels. For further details, see our ESG- report.

Ship Recycling

Viking Supply Ships recognizes that unlicensed ship recycling may be associated with high risk to the health and safety of affected workers and communities and the environment. To address this risk, we have taken measures to ensure that future recycling efforts are conducted in a responsible manner. 

All vessels managed by the company are certified according to the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) regulations and have processes in place in line with the EU Ship Recycling Regulations, the Hong Kong Convention (HKC) and the Basel Convention. In this way, we ensure that all vessels are demolished and recycled in accordance with internationally accepted ship recycling regulations.


Health & Safety

The health and safety of our employees are the highest priority in Viking Supply Ships. Our commitments in this area are clearly stated in the Company Vision, Values and HSEQ Policy. Safety is more than a priority in Viking Supply Ships, it is our core value and deeply incorporated in everything we do.

The company shall provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.  All vessels are certified according to the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC). This includes measures to ensure that: the accommodation and recreational facilities on board are consistent with promoting the seafarers’ health and wellbeing; the seafarers have access tp welfare activities, good quality food and hygienic drinking water while on board; the crew’s hours of work and rest are strictly regulated; the work environment promotes occupational safety and health; the seafarers undergo regular health examinations on company cost; and the crew has prompt access to medical care on board.

We work hard to create a safe working environment with no injuries to personnel or damage on environment or property. All employees have the obligation to stop or delay activities that may place him/her or others at risk of being injured. Safety is a cornerstone of good seamanship and is never compromised.

We have procedures in place for prequalification and assessments of suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure that adequate health and safety measures and aspects are incorporated in their services and products.

Working Conditions

Viking Supply Ships strives to ensure fair employment practices and working conditions in every aspect of our business.  As a responsible employer, we respect our employees’ freedom of association and recognize their right to collective bargaining. We are also committed to eliminating all forms of forced and compulsory labour, including child labour, modern slavery, and human trafficking, and to eliminating discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.

We strive to ensure that all our employees, onshore and offshore, are working under conditions that comply with national rules and regulations and meet the decent work requirements set out in core international labour conventions (ILO conventions) and the MLC. The various regulations cover conditions of employment, work and rest hours, medical care, social security protection as well as standards for accommodation, recreational facilities, food and catering on board.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Viking Supply Ships acknowledges that diversity of gender, cultural background and age is important in any organization. We are committed to providing equal opportunities and fair treatment to all individuals on the basis of merit, without discrimination on the grounds of national origin, race, colour, gender, regulation, pregnancy, age, sexual orientation, disability or other characteristics protected by the Swedish Gender Equality Act and the Norwegian Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act.  

We recognize that shipping is a male-dominated industry, and we work towards gender parity at all levels of the organization, both for onshore and offshore operations. Measures to promote equality include recruitment, promotion and development opportunities and work-life balance, to mention some.

We have strong focus on retaining and developing our employees, and we are consistently working to stay relevant and ensure we have the skills and competencies necessary to create business value today and in the future. Personal development plans are integrated in our performance appraisal and review processes.  

Human rights

We are committed to respecting internationally recognized human rights in our operations and in the communities where we operate and to promoting respect for human rights in our supply chain. This commitment includes respecting the dignity and worth of all employees, encouraging all employees to reach their full potential and providing equal opportunities to all employees.

We have developed the company’s human rights policy, which explains how we work to embed respect for internationally recognized human rights and ILO standards for decent work in our own operations and across our business relationships. As part of our work in this area, we undertake human rights due diligence to prevent and address negative impacts on human rights and decent work standards in our own activities and the supply chain, in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. Respect for fundamental human rights and international labour standards is a key aspect of our requirements for suppliers and other business partners.

Norwegian Transparency Act and supply chain due diligence

In line with the Norwegian Act relating to enterprises’ transparency and work on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions (Transparency Act), Viking Supply Ships implements processes and procedures for supply chain due diligence with respect to risks to human rights and decent work standards. The due diligence process is risk based, with assessments taking into account the type of supplier, the area in which they operate, the type of work they perform and their own human rights risk management. Based on the risk assessment, selected suppliers may be subject to further information requests and follow-up. 

A separate report on our human rights due diligence, as required by the Transparency Act, will be published by 30 June on our web page.

We handle information requests in line with the Transparency Act. 

If you have any questions about Viking Supply Ships’ work relating to human rights, please contact us on


Viking Supply Ships’ ESG management and sustainability related work are integral parts of the company’s governance and operations. Ultimately, the Group’s Board of Directors and CEO are responsible for overseeing Viking Supply Ships’ work and disclosures in this area. 

Control and follow-up of ESG management and sustainability work follow the same structure as other operations in the Viking Supply Ships Group.

The Group has several policies and procedures related to ESG management and sustainability. Key documents include:

Viking Supply Ships Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

HSEQ Policy

Human Rights Policy

Bribery and Anti-corruption Policy

ESG Report 2022

Viking Supply Ships is firmly opposed to all forms of corruption and expects our personnel to adhere to the highest standard of moral and ethical conduct and not engage in any form of corrupt practices, including fraud and bribery. Our personnel must always comply with relevant anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws, rules and regulations where Viking Supply Ships operates.

As part of our integrity culture, we have implemented a whistleblowing procedure to enable employees and parties to report suspected wrongdoings in the company. To report a concern, please contact: 

Our annual human rights due diligence report, required by the Transparency Act, can be found here.

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