Minimize footprint

All the small things

Sometimes, it is not the large things that makes the difference. Minimizing our footprint is also in the details.

While fuel consumption is the largest contributor to emissions, we have also identified several other adjustments that can easily reduce the power consumption onboard our vessels. Have you for instance throught of how much power it takes to keep a vessel lit up while in harbour? By reducing the light on-deck to a minimum, power consumption can be reduced. This can also be done by changing lights to LED where possible. To reduce fuel consumption while operating, cleaning of hull and propellars is an important detail. We have also replaced bottled water with soda streams, avoiding the creation of large amounts of plastic waste. We have also minimized the use of chemicals onboard, and by using automatic dosing of washing detergent we are able to reduce the amount of detergent with as much as 80%. Simple, isn't it?

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