Environment – Social - Governance

Our operations are imposed by a clear commitment to sustainability throughout our business. All activities and services shall be performed in an environmental sound and responsible manner for the long- term benefit of shareholders and the society.


VSS will contribute to a sustainable impact on the environment through three key strategies:

  • Help clients reduce the environmental impact of operations in vulnerable areas.
  • Support and over time growing toward market segments that reduce fossil fuel consumption and other environmental impact.
  • Reduce emissions and other environmental impact from the VSS fleet.














VSS will act in a socially responsible manner through:

  • Ethics & Integrity: VSS conducts all its business ethically and with integrity, safeguarding people and environment and maintaining the highest principles wherever we do business.
  • Safe and healthy working conditions: Onboard and on shore.
  • Being a responsible and fair employer: VSS shall be a responsible employer for seafarers and onshore employees.
  • Diversity and non-discrimination: VSS is an equal-opportunity employer with a Code of Conduct emphasizing fair treatment of all employees and other individuals VSS interacts with.
  • Acting responsibly toward customers, suppliers, and other external parties: The key to our future is our ability to secure new contracts, win repeat work and have suppliers that are supportive to our company, our values and standards.
  • Human rights and labor standards: VSS embraces practices consistent with international human rights and operates its business in compliance with fundamental labor standards – hereunder measures to prevent child labor.


VSS shall maintain a governance setup that secures control and limits risk – hereunder:

  • Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, class, and other statutory requirements: Through our Code of Conduct and other policies, operational procedures, leadership, employee development, clear governance and control mechanisms. Hereunder compliance with applicable antitrust and competition laws.
  • Meeting customer requirements and expectations: Through the same mechanisms.
  • Work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery: Emphasized through the Code of Conduct and other policies of VSS. Stringent assessment of customers, suppliers, and other partners – and the use of internal guidelines and approval matrices to secure compliance.
  • Internal governance, management system, and continuous improvement: To enable service deliveries that are consistent, effective, of high quality and in compliance with laws and customer expectations.


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