A life at sea...

...and ice

Something cannot be learned from a book, it needs to be learned from experience. Reading the ice and learn how it moves is just one of those things.

Viking Supply Ships have long experience in executing operations in ice conditions and under harsh weather with ship’s officers onboard AHTS vessels an average of more than 20 years’ experience of icebreaking and offshore work. Our experience range from towing ice-bergs offshore Greenland and the Grand Banks in Newfoundland till operating in tough ice conditions at Sakhalin in North East Russia. We have transited the Northern Sea Route three times and we have even taken an AHTS vessel to the North Pole. During one season at Greenland, our crew towed more than 200 ice-bergs. That is how you learn to work with ice! Much of our experience is based on our cooperation with the Swedish Maritime Administration. Not only have we for 15 years had the management for their ice–breakers, but we have also used three of our own vessels as additional support in the Bay of Bothnica during winter time. Together with the ice–breaker Oden we have participated in several research expeditions both the Arctic and Antarctica.


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